Hi, my name is Julia Gallagher I am a qualified Secondary Teacher with 16 years of experience in both Secondary and Primary schools. I am passionate about children being able to access education to gain a firm, confident foundation for life.


I am offering tuition to Primary and Secondary students in their own home who may need extra help in Literacy and Numeracy. I have only recently offered my services as a Tutor as working in different schools has shown me that there are many children who are suffering, often due to lack of confidence, and I want to make a difference and help them to achieve their potential.




As a child I had no confidence in my abilities even though I passed the 11plus and went to a Grammar School. The other students all seemed to be much brighter than me and so I wouldn’t speak up if I didn’t understand as quickly as they seemed to. My confidence sunk to even lower levels as the years went by so my exam results were much worse than they should have been. I left school at 16 and started working in a Bank. Eventually I married and went on to have 3 children. I became a volunteer teaching assistant at their primary school and was very involved with the school committee and helped to set up the Pre-School department.


I decided to go back to education to gain an ACCESS qualification when my youngest started school. My fourth child arrived in the middle of the course but I was determined to succeed at this stage and went on to take my English and Maths GCSEs to gain better grades in order for me to apply to University to train as a teacher. I gained my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) at the age of 44 and then completed a Primary Conversion course.




I enjoy writing scripts and performing in a Pantomime group, I have also acted in Murder Mystery plays and have worked as an extra on Coronation Street, Emmerdale and several TV dramas such as, Midwinter of the Spirit, The Crimson Petal and the White and a few TV adverts. Recently I have started creating homemade crafts which I have taken to Craft fairs to sell and have had commissions. I also like to read and dance, although not at the same time.


At present I am a Supply Teacher and so I am available during the school holidays and after school/weekends to tutor your child.